Does my child have to have additional learning needs to attend?

No.  We are fully inclusive of all children and any child aged 4 – 16 can attend our sessions.

what age does my child have to be to attend?

Children aged 4 – 16 can attend our sessions. We offer Primary (KS2/3) or Secondary (KS4) sessions. See our timetable for more information on each session.


No, it is not essential that you attend the session with your child. Depending on their ability children can experience the session alone, although we do recommended that a parent/carer over the age of 18 is on standby to help if assistance is required.  Although all our sessions are led by fully qualified professional tutors, it may help to be on standby for those children who require any additional 1:1 support.

how much does the session cost?

The cost of each session is £5 per session. Additionally, we sometimes offer courses that are attended over a number of set days/weeks and the prices for these sessions may vary. 


As a non-profit organisation these costs are solely to cover the costs of our staff & tutors, any profits we make goes back into the organisation to expand our offering!

Does my child have to have their camera on?

Most of our children have their camera’s turned on during the session, but it is not essential.  If your child feels more comfortable to follow along with the session with their camera turned off then this is absolutely fine. You will still be able to talk to the tutor or communicate with them privately via chat.

what equipment does my child need?

Our English & Math’s sessions usually require basic stationary i.e. Pen, Pencil, Coloured Pens, Pencils or Crayons, Rubber, Ruler and Paper or a Workbook.

If any equipment/materials are needed for any of our more interactive sessions then, you are usually notified of what you might need once you have booked onto the session.

Our mindfulness course includes the cost of all equipment and children are sent our packs for each course. 

Our Science & Arts sessions may require you to have certain materials, but all equipment needed can usually be found around the home.

A list of any materials/worksheets etc. you may need for any session will be emailed to you prior to the session, but it is not essential that you have everything as alternatives can be used & suggested by the tutor.

what days are you open?

We are currently run sessions Monday – Saturday, you can contact us anytime via email

how many children can attend each session?

Due to the nature and learning style of many of our children, some of our sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 children so that the tutors are able to offer maximum support to each child throughout the session.

do i need to book?

Yes. We recommend that you book in advance to guarantee a place and that you can share any information about your child which needs to be passed on to the tutor/facilitator. You can book via our website here.