At Starseed learning, we are passionate about providing all children the opportunity to follow their passions and carve their own path to success by exploring their own creativity.

Our sessions are especially suited to children with SEND who need that little extra support and encouragement, however all children are welcome to attend.



We believe that by providing the necessary resources and allowing children to learn at their own pace, whilst assisting them to explore their own passions & interests alongside providing them basic fundamental learning experiences, then our children will be unstoppable and truly shine, becoming the stars they are meant to be, without limitation!

We offer creative learning spaces where children can experience a range of opportunities offered by our dedicated tutors/facilitators, whilst working at their own pace. At the same time children can enjoy the company of others and formulate and develop friendships whilst feeling safe and secure in their own environment.


Session sizes are kept small, with spaces limited to a maximum of 10 children per session so that each child receives as mouch support as possible throughout the session from our tutors/facilitators.

Sessions are bookable in advance.





Luke, aged 10 was didn’t fit in well with the traditional public school system. His diagnosis of Autism left him feeling frustrated due to the fact that he learned in a different way than many of his peers.  This led to his behaviour deteriorating and him feeling isolated. Eventually, when there was no improvement in his behaviour after attending a couple of Specialist Schools Luke’s parents took the decision to Home Educate…


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